Thursday, April 12, 2012

Medaka Box First Impressions--(Attempting) Perfection

Medaka Box First Impressions Screenshot 1

There's one fundamental problem about focusing on a character that is perfect... Where is the conflict?

Medaka Box First Impressions Screenshot 2 Medaka Box First Impressions Screenshot 3 Medaka Box First Impressions Screenshot 4

Gainax has an interesting track record when it comes to adaptations, and that hit-or-miss quality is here too. Unlike Dantalian though (the last adaptation of theirs I've seen), Medaka is more visually obviously a Gainax work, with the bold lines, over the top expressions, and even (unfortunately) the animation mistakes. There's even a Kamina lookalike, which I'm assuming is intentional knowing this studio. However, despite the visuals, Medaka Box is "meh" at the moment. Like I said above, where's the conflict? The majority of the episode was spent establishing how Medaka can do anything she wants, logical or not, so what's the point in watching when it's been predetermined that she will succeed in whatever this show might throw at her? It feels like this show wants to be a parody of the "student council/club" subgenre, but if that's the case, it's going to have to get a lot more ridiculous and over the top to pull that off. If anyone can do that, it's Gainax, so I'm giving this show the benefit of the doubt for now and will see where it goes after a few episodes.

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  1. Having read the manga, I actually wouldn't worry too much about a lack of a conflict. The show introduces things that are even more ridiculous than a perfect person. :) Also, Medaka's perfection serves as a point of conflict in and of itself. Being perfect makes it difficult to get along with others...

  2. Hey...I've been saying Meh for Medaka Box. Have you been reading my first impressions post and stalking me on Twitter?!? :D

  3. @draggle
    That's good to hear, since that's what I'm hoping for. It would've been boring just to watch someone be perfect at everything.

    What gives you that idea? lol

  4. This is a shounen with some seinen elements. There are indeed characters that go beyond perfect like draggle said.