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Madoka Nendoroid Review

Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 1

In collaboration with Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, from here on out I'll be writing monthly figure reviews! I'm pretty new to figure collecting, but I've always enjoyed collecting things from dolls to Pokemon, and this is the newest way that I express my love for Japanese subculture. You can view my current collection here. Nendoroids are my current obsession, and as I'm sure you've noticed from the image and the title, the first one up for review is everyone's favorite magical girl, Madoka!

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First we'll start off with some images of the box and the inside packaging. All Nendos come with two interchangeable face plates as well as accessories specific to the character. Madoka comes with additional hair ribbons, her bow and arrow, and a Kyuubey.

Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 4 Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 5 Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 6 Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 7
And here she is straight out of the box. The peg that goes into her back that attaches to the stand was a bit hard to get in, but now that it's attached, I don't think that it'll ever come off. Not that I mind, since I prefer this stand to other Nendo stands since at allows for more action-oriented poses, kind of like a smaller version of a Figma stand. The paint job, for the most part, is really well done for a mass-produced figure; her buttons are a little bit off, but nothing that's a deal breaker. However, like with any figure, your mileage may vary.

Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 8 Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 9

Kyuubey is easily the best accessory in the box, since he's a character all on his own. He was a little difficult to stand up though, since the weight of his tail outweighs the rest of his body. He's leaning pretty heavily on Madoka's hand in these pictures. If you want to pose him alone, you're going to have to adjust his tail accordingly. However, he does come with an alternate body so that you can attach him to Madoka's arm, but when I tried the pose Madoka's hair kept pushing his rings out of place. I'm sure that there's a way to correctly do this pose without a problem, but I prefer to show the two separately anyway.

Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 10

Madoka is ready to take on some witches! It took me a little while to figure out what hand pieces I needed to use for this pose, and once I did figure it out, the arrow kept drooping towards the ground because I didn't put it in properly. Either way, it's a nice action pose and I'm glad that they included it.

Madoka Nendoroid Review Picture 11

Overall, this is a pretty nice figure for my second Nendoroid. Her faceplates are easy to change out, the joints aren't too stiff and she's adorable to boot. If you're a Madoka fan and you're thinking about getting her, I highly recommend her. The problems that I mentioned above are really only minor annoyances compared to the fun of playing with her. I think that she'd make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Next time: Madoka gets a friend?

Images taken by me.

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