Sunday, December 20, 2015

12 Days of Anime Teachers--#6: Kuzehashi-sensei

Watching a new teacher in an anime while I was student teaching was an interesting experience.

I watched Hello! Kiniro Mosaic because I enjoyed the first season, and it quickly became my “wind down after a long day” show while I was in the middle of the whirlwind madness that was student teaching and trying to finish my credentialing program at the same time. For this reason, I latched on to Kuzehashi-sensei’s character, since I related to a lot of her internal dialogue.

While I’m pretty sure that none of my students were scared of me like what happens with Kuzehashi, I did struggle a bit at finding the line for my “teacher voice.” I didn’t want my students to dislike me—hostile classrooms are terrible—but I did want them to respect me. Kuzehashi expresses a lot of the same feelings throughout the show, internally worrying about her students and wanting to come across as likable while externally needing to tone down her expressions.

What I thought I looked like

What I actually looked like
Watching Kuzehashi try to find that line made me feel a bit better about my own situation, even though it she was mainly played for laughs in a cartoon about cute anime girls being cute. If her students liked her anyway, then I knew that I could do the same!

Although, if I had a student like Karen, we would have to have a serious talk about boundaries
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