Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days of Anime: #8--ERU-ERUFU

12 Days of Anime Valvrave Screenshot 1

Look at this majestic human being. A/N: Some spoilers in this post.

12 Days of Anime Valvrave Screenshot 2

In the increasingly silly and logic-breaking world of Valvrave, there is one constant: L-Elf is the most competent and badass character in the entire show. If you follow his plan, everything will work out. A lesser person would've admitted defeat after failing to capture a top-secret military weapon for their country because they had their body stolen by a genetically altered teenage space vampire. Not L-Elf. Instead, he lends his basically-psychic battle prediction abilities to the other side, ensuring their victory. Who needs to control an overpowered mech that runs on human souls when you can have all the pilots completely trust your decisions? Who has the real power here?

12 Days of Anime Valvrave Screenshot 3 12 Days of Anime Valvrave Screenshot 4
Also, he has the best one-liners

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  1. I've always found L-Elf and Haruto's relationship interesting from a storytelling viewpoint (not a shipping one XD ) because not only do you A) Rarely see characters actually team up with each other to cover their weak spots (ESPECIALLY not from the beginning) but B) They also really just don't get along and don't really grow any closer (I mean, now that both of them have lost just about everything it seems like they're a bit closer, and neither of them seems to begrudge the other for the reasons behind their initial goals). I just find those differences from the usual tropes much more interesting than they should be. ^^

  2. I don't mind Valvrave's logic gaps, but I don't like some of its narrative gaps.
    eg. they never quite explained how all those people ended up in the Phantom ship back in ep 9. Even a throwaway 2-min explanation, no matter how stupid, would have sufficed.
    2 more eps left, better tie up those threads.

  3. I agree; I think that their relationship is one of the defining points of the series and not just from a shipping angle either! I don't watch much mecha, but it feels really fresh to have a character who is not one of the mech pilots be one of the most competent characters in the show.

  4. Agreed. I'm okay with silly logic (especially if the logic is consistently silly, like it is here) but plot holes...not so much.

  5. Agreed, although I'm a bit shallow and mechs are one of my kinds of "fluff" anyway XD