Monday, April 9, 2012

Saki - Episode Side A First Impressions--Put Some Pants On

Saki Episode Side A First Impressions Screenshot 1

At first I wondered if I was just seeing wrong, but then the camera angles assured me that yes, I was supposed to be mentally debating whether one of the characters was wearing underwear or not.

Saki Episode Side A First Impressions Screenshot 2 Saki Episode Side A First Impressions Screenshot 3 Saki Episode Side A First Impressions Screenshot 4

Unfortunately, my first brush with the Saki franchise has left me unimpressed. Some of this was my own fault--why did I assume that this show would give me a crash course in how mahjong works, like in Chihayafuru? Obviously that show spoiled me way too much--but part of it also had to do with the way the show presented itself. Aside from the fact that one character is running around without pants, the cast introduced in this episode also made frequent remarks on how the pink-haired chick has large assets. Then there was some forced drama when the adult who runs their club leaves, which somehow means that the characters can't play mahjong together anymore. A lot of the episode seemed to be based on the assumption that I was already attached to the characters, but since I know nothing about them other than that they like mahjong I couldn't really get involved. If this were a slice-of-life series, I'd probably drop it here, but I'm giving it at least another episode because I want to see the crazy mahjong matches that I've heard so much about. Maybe that will change my mind, since I'm not feeling the Saki love just yet.

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  1. @confused the crazy majong matches you want will not be in the second episode but in few episodes later when they will enter the majong contest so you will have to wair few episodes

  2. Good to know. I'll give it some time then.

  3. @Confused Muse actully you wont need to wait long to the crazy matches since each episode cover one chapter which have 60 pages at least so if it will happen like this episode which was cover the first chapter that have 88 pages then saki apreance will be in episode 3 and the crazy matches in episode 4 is it good for you that you will need to wait only 1 episode at least for saki apreance?wait for your answer

  4. Yeah, that sounds fine, I can probably stick with it for that long. I've been reading that this first episode had crazy pacing which is probably why I was put off a bit, lol.

  5. @Confused Muse yes this episode was cover all the flashback which was in chapter 1 of the manga