Thursday, December 24, 2015

12 Days of Anime Teachers--#2: Taki

Taki-sensei just wants to make music. Taki-sensei did not sign up for all this teenage drama.

Despite being the leader of the band, Taki-sensei is largely a background character in Sound! Euphonium. He’s there to keep the kids in line and whip them into shape once they decide that they’re not only in band for fun—they want to win. He can be intimidating and encouraging as the situation allows. Despite being a new teacher, he seems to have things under control—

Until drama rears it’s head.

I remember being pretty judgemental of him in this scene. This wasn’t something that needed to be hashed out in public, and then not responding to anything just fueled the rumors. However, there is a lot to be said for writing that makes me respond to a character’s flaws as if they were an actual person, not a secondary character who is setting up the next piece of the story. But even though Taki-sensei’s thought process is never laid out, the scenes following this say a lot simply through KyoAni’s incredible animation.

It’s not until the scene with the copy machine that the audience sees his “teacher face” drop. It’s not that he’s not addressing the rumors, he just doesn’t know what to do. He gave the parts based on genuine talent, but now the rumor mill is biased against him. How can he get the respect of his students back like that? With just one look, all of that insecurity is conveyed.

I didn’t like the idea of what was essentially a popularity contest to decide who got the solo in the end, but Taki-sensei went for the best method he could to show the students what he’d heard rather than shut them down and cause them to resent him. Even though he wasn’t the focus of the show, he does grow as a teacher in this moment, and I’m curious to see if he’ll grow even more in the next season!

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